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Average Cost For Painting


Cost to Paint House: Factors That Affect the Cost to Paint a House

Exterior House Painting Cost is a factor that homeowners should consider before hiring a professional painter to paint their house. Exterior house painting is more expensive because it requires painting on the outside of the house and doing so requires extra time. Furthermore, the job takes place in an area that has a high moisture content.

Cost to paint house


Interior House Painting Cost. The actual cost to paint a home’s interior ranges between approximately $3,200 and $4,400 depending on the homeowner’s painting preference. The average interior house painting cost per square foot is approximately $2,611. When interior house painting cost per square foot is compared to exterior house painting cost per square foot, interior house painting cost per square foot comes out as the better option.


Exterior house exterior painting siding is another factor that determines the overall painting cost. The prices are determined by the type of siding chosen (e.g., wood, vinyl, brick, etc.). There are also various paints that are available, depending on homeowners’ preferences. Depending on the color chosen, a variety of exterior house exterior paints are available:


Exterior Paint Color Choices. Some of the exterior paints include latex, acrylic, and other synthetic substances. Some homeowners prefer to choose paints based on the look they want for the siding and the house exterior. A latex-based caulk is less messy than its acrylic counterpart and can be used around windows and other point of entry points into the home.


Hardie-Tec “White” Eggshell Paints. A hardie-tec finish is usually cheaper than an oil-based or latex-based finish. It’s water-resistant and can withstand staining from urine, food, and other liquids. Because of this, the material can be used around windows and point of entry ways and in areas of low moisture. It can also be used for landscaping, because it’s moisture and heat resistant.


Average Cost to Paint House. To get an idea on how much painting should cost, take note of the average time it usually takes for a single coat (in minutes). This number is usually useful in getting a general idea of what to expect when contacting painter. An average time frame should be among the factors a homeowner should consider when choosing a painting contractor. However, there are several factors beyond the actual duration of the job that affect the overall price. To learn more about the factors that affect the price of painting services, contact a local painter today.

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