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Interior Painting

There is no better way to showcase a companies painting skillset, than painting the interior of a beautiful home. From the way we protect your floor on day 1, as soon as we arrive, to the attention to detail when prepping your wall’s and trim. There is no other service quite like interior painting, I mean, we even use a completely different set of masking supplies. 

Our tape rolls go from blue and green and orange, to yellow, and purple and a darker shade of blue, with the word’s “ultra sharp lines”. 

An exterior paint job has palm sander’s slinging dust and debris all over the place, beads of caulk as big as my pinky. But on the inside, we use plastic doorways, with up to date zippers. Fans keep everything from traveling outside of the designated work area. Hand sanding is preferred, but if we decide that a palm sander is necessary, it has a special hose attached, that carries dust and debris directly to A SHOPVAC, RENDERING THE DUST out of commission. 


Those are just the beginning differences between interiors and exteriors. Even the way we prep trim is magnified. We will start by gently sanding baseboards, doors and windows with 120 grit sand paper. Everything we do on an interior paint job is leading us to 1 thing: the hope that all your surfaces look brand new, without ever leaving a trace of the prep work behind at the end of the day or the end of the job.

Interior house painting in st.louis by liberty painting

As we have painted many different interiors in St. Louis, I have come to realize that there is a need for the professionalism that is unmatched in any of our other services. And that is why we at Liberty Painting answer the call frequently. The challenge of having the perfect interior repeatedly creates excitement, every time we ring your doorbell with a handful of drop clothes.

Different Interior Services


Walls and Ceilings

We repair dings, dents, pinholes and cracks. 2 Coats ALWAYS and razor sharp lines.


We can make your Cabinets look EXACTLY how you want – with the best finish in the business.


We get rid of all the black marks, scuffs and imperfections and then spray for a perfect finish.

Accent Walls

Lets add some POP to your living room or dining room! We can help with the perfect color, too.

Texture Match

23 Years has taught us a few things about making repairs disappear, even with tough textures.

Color Consultation

You’re never alone with Liberty by your side. Ask abut our Free Color Consultation.

Liberty Painting's Interior Painting Process

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