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Deck Staining and Repairs

Deck Maintenance is a constant job for deck owner’s everywhere, and we understand the value in providing high quality , long-lasting stain application to our customers decks.

call liberty painting for your interior painting needs.

How Liberty does a deck

Why we arent like every other painting company when it comes to staining decks

We see things that most dont

First thing we do is look at EVERY board. There are obvious things, like cracked boards, dry rot, loose screws/nails. Then there are the smaller things, like tiny hole formations that bugs have made, wet rot where the board is rotting from the inside out and boards that are slightly bowed.


Our #1 concern when inspecting a new deck is safety. Our job is to show you things that are hazardous, what you decide to do with that information is up to you. That doesnt mean we will stain right over rotted wood, we will never work on a deck with safety issues, unless we are authorized to fix them.


When we replace rotten deck boards, and repair your deck, we spray other boards that are right next to rotted boards with borax .This will ensure that the mold or rot does not spread. Dry rot and such likes to spread just like cancer.

Sand, Sand, Sand

We use various different sanders to sand your entire deck. This not only makes sure the new stain bonds tightly, it gives us another chance to go over the entire deck. AND we get rid of any wood that might become a splinter.

On the deck, NOT the house

Before we stain your deck we protect your house. Upwards of 6-8 feet of plastic surround the deck where it meets the house. We also place a plastic / drop combination below the deck. Your house is safe with us. We have also been known to remove previous stain from homes, too. 😉

Only The Good Stuff

We only use high quality stain and stain brushes to apply the stain. Its important for working the stain in everywhere. Not only that but we stain the handrail top, twice. This is because we want to go over it with a an extra fine sandpaper. When little ones place there hands up on the handrail, everything should be extra smooth. No splinters!

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Joan Harvey
Joan HarveyChesterfield, MO
321353356351 1Read More
Punctual and very polite! What a relief, contractor's that actualy treat the customer with class. Thanks Liberty, see ya in a couple years!
Keith Abbott
Keith AbbottWildwood, MO
Read More
Terrific job by these guys. From the day they came over for the estimate until the last board was fastened into place, they took care of this job properly, with confidence and know how. 5 stars and I recommend this company to anyone.
Denise D'Antonio
Denise D'AntonioSt. Clair, ILL
321353356351 1Read More
Liberty Painting was referred to me from a friend, all I did was say yes. They provided me with a complete inspection of my deck and stairs. Very thorough, and each issue was followed by multiple different options, as well as short term and long term rammifications...WOW. Is all i can say. Never saw anything like it. But, I liked it. Way to go guys, deck looks like a million dollers.

Happy Deck owners

"Totally saved my deck. Our family went through a few not so good years and the deck was low on the priority list. Josh and Caitlin took it step by step and brought it all the way back."
Tandy Jacopstet
"Point those towards your deck and get out of the way. "
Chase Evans