Deck Staining

 Expect A High Quality Experience.

We have worked hard to build a reputation for being very  thorough. From the initial estimate, when we examine your deck with a fine tooth comb, all the way throughout the process, sanding the entire surface and brushing our high quality stains into every nook and cranny.

We are certified in deck repairs and rebuild’s and we are thoroughly equipped with knowledge of wood, stain’s and all enemies of wood, including, bug’s, like carpenter ants and termites.

You can rest assured that your deck will be 100% safe and last for years to come with only minimum maintenance.

Our Deck Staining Process

Our process is the sum total of years of experience. Its important that we can provide our customers with a somewhat tangible plan of attack from the outset. We absolutely want to stand out from the crowd, and we feel that the efficiency at which we can provide complete deck staining and repairs,  does just that.

staining and repair decks

Your Deck is Unique

No other deck has been through your deck’s exact same journey.

 From the day it was built, who built it and the amount of sun, rain and wind your deck has absorbed – your deck is unique.

Why am I telling you this?

Because most painting companies are gonna treat your deck like it is just another pile of wood screwed together in the shape of a floor with hand rails. But its not just a bunch of wood, it is a very specific type of wood, that has been around for a very specific number of years or months. And we will treat it that way.

Key Elements That Change From Deck to Deck

take the first step. we will do the rest.

The process is easy , as soon as you realize that Liberty Painting is a Top Tier Deck Coating’s/Repairs Specialist, you fill out the Contact Form.

Next, we will send you a confirmation email, with upcoming date’s and time’s for an appointment. You select the date and time that works best for you. My wife and I come over , spend about 20 minutes figuring what you want.

That’s it. 20 minutes. 20 minutes and you will be on your way to brilliant looking deck, what are you waiting for?


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This is a rock solid, no questions asked, 2 Year Warranty

2 year Warranty

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