Hello! And thanks for stopping by! Today I wanted to discuss cabinet coatings. Cabinets are a huge deal, they cost a lot to purchase, they mean a lot in term’s of there influence on a kitchen decorating scheme, and they have to be durable as well. So I would have to say that, only the very best paint will do.

Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Style | Durability

The Needs Of A Cabinet Paint

Cabinets fall under multiple categories on the painting scale, so the best paint for painting cabinet doors must be versatile:

  • They are painted for beauty and aesthetic
  • The coating on a kitchen cabinet door needs to protect it from all the hazards that a kitchen has to offer.
  • Whatever paint you use for your cabinets, must be able to withstand scrubbing, over and over and over again.

And that’s why we are ultra-selective about which paint we use on kitchen cabinets. 


CABINETS - Repaint or Replace?
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Todays Best Cabinetry Paints And Their Roots In The Past


Now, back when I first started painting, back in the late 90’s, oil-based paint was the absolute #1 best paint for cabinet doors, and the go-to for all things wood – doors, trim pieces, windows, bookshelves, and cabinets. But boy oh boy was that stuff runny. You HAD to be a journeyman painter to get that stuff to cover without having an avalanche of waterfall type runs. 

BUT…it was runny because it took awhile to dry/cure. And the longer it takes to dry, the more time it has to settle. And I mean settle into a perfectly even coat of paint that looked like you could slice it up with a butter knife and serve it as dessert. 

Eventually oil-based paint was replaced by low voc paints, that could damn near replicate oil based enamels.  And one of the best out there, is the Emerald Urethane Trim Paint. Today I would consider Emerald the best paint for cabinet doors.

The Factors That Make a Paint Stand Above The Rest

This is where we run into 2 set’s of need’s. You see, the owner of the cabinet’s , they only care about the finnished product, as they should.  But the painter, he worries about what the owner’s want, AND he has to think about which paint gives him the best end result, as well as ease of use, predictability and so on.

The first thing I want to say about these paints, like Farrow and Ball, Behr Marque and so on, is that each has a remarkable finish. Many cabinet paintes consider one of these the best paint for cabinet doors.Nobody can deny what has been done with paints, especially enamels, over the last 20 years. 

So a lot of this is a personal preference. On the same token, though, it is factual. 

I, like most other painters, like to spray my cabinets. It leaves the best finish, the process is quicker, so when I select a paint, I need it to work well with the type of sprayer I use. And what I have found, is that the Emerald Urethane, just flat out sprays better. I have never added a drop of ANYTHING to Emerald. I apply 3 thin coats, letting it dry for around 24 hours in between coats.


How Long Should Cabinet Paint Last?



How Much Is A Good Cabinet Paint?


Per Gallon

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Cabinet Job?


Days, depending on job site and type/number of cabinets

How Much it Cost To have Cabinets Painted?


Per Door

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