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How to Get The Smoothest Finish When Painting Cabinets

Smooth cabinet finishes start with this 1 thing…read more to find out how professionals that make upwards of $200 a door get ultra smooth finishes.

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How Do You Paint Oak Cabinets To Hide The Grain?

Oak cabinets, they are specifically known for deep, rich wood grains. These wood grains are beautiful, when stained. But if you are wanting to paint these cabinets, the wood grain has to go. Share on facebook Share on google Share…

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Is It Better to Spray or Hand Paint Cabinets?

When painting your kitchen cabinets, there are a few things to consider – the finish, or how you want them to look. Durability – they need to stand up to years of kitchen wear and tear, handling, and cleaning. The best way to ensure you have both of these covered at the same time..

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