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Yes, Painting Is A Great Time. And We Love It.

Who we are

We are a small family owned company that can do it all. We love what we do and eventhough we tend to have a great time, we are 100% professional.

Why we are

I have painted since I was 20 years old and consider it my only profession. My wife just has to make sure there is someone to tell me what to do at all times.

What we do

Everything from Interior/Exteriors to Cabinets and Decks. We back everything up with a 2 year Warranty.

How it starts

Well, you can send a message, call or meet us at the casino on Saturday. 



Caitlin doing the Dirty Work

..while I take pictures. We always clean our cabinets with a special formula (Dawn) before we begin the prepping process. 

Im The Lucky One

Ive been painting since I was a kid. Over 20 years now. After going on the road for a decade, I decided to come back home and start this little business. Having your own business is different than being an employee, its way better. I always thought things could be done better, for the customers. And now I get to prove it.

Our Promise

  1. We promise to answer your call or message promptly. 

  2. We promise to make our appointments on time – and if we cant, its because we have a real reason. And we will absolutely let you know.

  3. We will show up for work everyday.

  4. We will finish on time and under budget.

  5. We will keep it neat and clean.

  6. We will always come back if we missed something or you arent 100% satisfied.

Ready For An Estimate?

Thank you for stopping by!  If you would like to set up an estimate, simply click the link and we will be in touch!