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Exterior Painting






Exterior painting is one of my favorite services. I love being outside, and talking to neighbors is such a treat. It’s a great feeling when people stand there and admire the home you are working on. I’m sure it’s kind of like a homeowner feel’s when you know that the neighborhood is a little envious of your ‘new’ home.

But it’s not just the curb appeal, or the instant rise in property value that we should appreciate about an exterior paint job.

If done correctly, an exterior paint job will actually do things like:

  • Lower energy bills.
  • Stop green stuff from growing or even coming back, to your house.
  • Make sure your gutter’s arent filled with leaves.(We ALWAYS check for ya while we are up there)
  • Make sure there is no dry rot issues in places we can usually see.
  • Prevent moisture from making its way inside.

You see, we caulk EVERYTHING. It’s a part of our 100% preparation guarantee.  Caulking is the number 1 method for instantly lowering energy bills. On average, we go through 4-6 tubes of caulk. And that’s on houses that have no significant issues, like outdated windows or dry rotted soffit/fascia.

That’s A LOT of cracks. And they add up. Of course, not every paint company is as thorough as we are with the caulking, mainly because it takes time and you cant see a large number of fine cracks behind fascia boards and up on 2nd and 3rd stories.

So next time you think of exterior painting, remember, its more than curb appeal. Its an investment!