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A great way to make your house, YOURS , is paint! Whether you want bright lively colors, cool greys and blues or stately tans , browns or burgundies, there is a perfect color for you and your personality. There was a time when you imagined life in your own home, and there was a color that fit perfectly in those imaginations.  And it wasnt Dover White.

Call Liberty Painting , because its easier. Neat.Clean.Honest.

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Over 20 Years

Over 20 years in multiple different paint industries creates a real outside the box mentality. As well as , an unapparelled understanding of coating's and surface prep requirements.


Although we are completely competent in all phases of Residential Painting/re-paints, we have taken great strides to make deck staining and repairs, as well as cabinet painting, 2 service's that we are highly competitive at,

Customer, Customer,Customer

YOU, the customer. I may be the expert, but you are the boss. Usually it's best to let the pro's do their thing, but , in the end, we only want to see you happy. We will not stop until you are happy and we ALWAYS come back for touch-ups.


From the initial bid, until the final walk through, we will be easy to reach. Although we make it a habit not to have our phone on us while working, we do have somebody that will take your call's .And we alway's respond within 4 hour's or less.

Moving? Selling? We Have Ways to Make it Easier

Move In/Move Out Special

We take great pride in our warranty and our overall prep process. With advancements in todays coatings and equipment, we believe that a quality paint job should last for a solid decade. We always tell our clients that they will get tired of the color before they actually need another paint job.  But its not just about aesthetics. When we paint your home or cabinets, its about protection. Paint saves whatever surface it is adhered to.  And we know that this is what separates us from many other painting companies. 

This month we are having a special discount for un occupied homes and homes that have just been moved into. We want to help you sell your house fast and get you settled into your new house even faster. Follow the link below to find out about these specials.

Click the Link and send your info! If you are interested in the Moving special(s) – type ‘moving’ after your name 

We Would Love To Hear From You

Setting up an appointment is easy! just fill out the form on our 'appointments' page and we will respond today.


We promise to get back to you as soon as possible, everytime. If something changes - you will know. If you have questions, we will answer them.

Work Environment

Neat and clean , always. No drama or employee issues will ever be tolerated on site. And you will always feel welcome to ask questions, observe and come and go as you please.

Our Promise

Your Project

Your project will be finished on time and on budget. No hidden fee's or additional pricing for work we bid on.


You will always have the final say. The job isn't over until you are happy and feel that you have received exactly what you paid for. And we always come back if there are touch-ups. ALWAYS.

Services Information

Find out how we tackle each of our services from beginning to end.


Color combinations, clean lines and a neat work environment make our interior paint jobs a must for new homes and updates.


We are gonna protect your home and make it last while giving the neighbors something to talk about.


Our process breathes life into old, outdated cabinets. Giving you a reprieve from the cabinet installation nightmare.


Everybody love's their deck. But the Deck Maintenance is ongoing and never ending. Take 2 years off with our FREE 'Year Out' Pressure wash with every deck stain.

FREE Color Consultations

Liberty Painting will Provide You With a Full Scale Color Consultation.

No matter what your color interests are or what part of your home you are scheming off of, there is a Perfect Color Combinations, with a perfect base and amazing color accents that will bring your ideas to life!
We will provide you with color theories and show you which basecoats will help to bring out the true hue of your boldest colors.
When you call Liberty, we stay with you throughout the entire process to make sure you feel confident about your project(s).

What Our clients say

Can't say enough about Liberty Painting . Very efficient and professional. Done in a timely fashion with lots of attention to detail. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have there house painted. Very pleased with the outcome!
Hilary Leigh
I strongly recommend using Liberty Painting, they were very professional. They painted the first floor and upstairs hallway of my house. The results were fantastic. Josh was very easy to communicate with and responded quickly to my questions and requests. The clean-up was spotless every day. The crew worked fast and finished ahead of schedule (and painted some extra trim free of charge)....
Hall Read
We hired Joshua and Caitlin for interior painting of our first floor, and we couldn't be happier. They were very professional, courteous, and clean. The job itself wasn't the easiest because our drywall is in rough shape and our dark stained trim was even worse, but they were able to patch everything up, smooth it out, and it all looks brand new. Overall, we're really impressed.
Quintin Arnold
Used them twice, once for the second floor and once for the main floor. Unreal what they can do. Perfect lines, no dripping and nothing on the floors. Looks like a brand new house. You usually notice something, anything, a minor imperfection even, but we don’t see a single one. Best part is they prepped surfaces like pros. They smoothies out drywall, filled holes patches and cracks. Definitely recommend.
Jillie Tempest

So neat and organized!!

I love these guys! They literally stop every few hours to straighten everything up and organize. Never saw anything like it.
Monica Jorgensen
I have used Liberty Painting 3 times. They just do what they say they are gonna do, and that is such a relief these days. Every job is started on time and completed on time - they even did some work on super short notice so that I could have my daughters granduation party a week early! Never complained or batted an eye, they just showed up and put in extra long hours, as they were already working on another job. 6 STARS!
Janet Henderson
Excellent communication and presentation of the estimate. I appreciate the transparency of the cost breakdown. I knew exactly how much each part of the job was. Honestly, it helped me to understand how and where painting contractor's come up with prices.
Chris Franklin
I almost decided to have brand new cabinets installed, but Josh guaranteed me that painting them the exact same color I was interested in purchasing would be just as good, if not better. THANK GOD. Saved me $1,000's and I really wouldnt be surprised if they do last longer.
Chad Arthur
I have used them multiple times and each time they give a 'repeat customer' discount. Dont tell them, but I would hire them, even if they charged more.
Susan Andrusecki

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